Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.

Trist completed Finish Up program in 2 weeks.

Roberto with family.

Satisfied  Customers !                                                                    Laurie:  Private Pilot Cirrus Pilot.

James:              Passed his Commercial and Instrument rating: then his  initial CFIA with us at FPC, Inc.

Brent:  Recieved his  Private Pilot Certificate and Multi-Engine Rating at FPC, Inc.  in KVRB, Florida.

 Alberto:  Earned his Commercial and Instrument Rating.

David:  Piper Pilot,  Vero Beach Florida.

Milton:  Earned his Private Pilot Certificate. 



Derek:  earned his Private Pilot certificate at KVRB, Florida.


Steven: Received his Private License at KVRB.


Frank:  1st  Solo


New LSA owner Pilot:  Christopher flying his new Remos.

Piper Cherokee 180

Alan  Barron:  Private Pilot certificate &  Instrument rating at FPC, Inc.

Trish:  a new Commercial Single engine add-on Pilot, and a freshly minted CFIA certificate.

Don &  Carol:  Piper Tomahawk Pilots,  flying their new airplane.

New- Private Pilot:  Captain Noppel.


Paul  King and Laurie.

Dan & Christine Woods


Come fly with us at FPC and experience the freedom of flight.

KVRB, Our Home Airport

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