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 Airline --  Professional  Pilot   Program.                       
$ 53,700. 

 Career  Pilots:  Earn your FAA Private Certificate, Instrument Rating and Commercial Certificates,  in the Piper Airplanes in less than 1 year.  Pro-Package Program offered for:$55,300. in Piper Airplanes.  All Programs taught with Professionally standardized FAA approved Syllabus and FAA approved experienced Master Educators.




190 hours of flight time= (150 hours dual,) + (40 hours solo).  In a Piper

PA-28 Cherokee with Aspen 1000 glass panel.

 50 hours of Simulator  time. (DUAL).  FAA Approved.

90 hours of Ground Briefing/ debriefing time.

3-- Ground School Classes. (Private, Instrument, Commercial). Taught by Master Educators.         -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No waiting, No delays, No rejections and No postponing.  Start Today.

Personal Teachers provide: close support mentoring, coaching and teaching.

Fly 6 to 7 times a week, not 1 time per week.

On time Flight training with no contracts;  no down deposits, pay after each flight. 


Located in sunny Florida:  Along the Treasure Coast Atlantic Ocean.  KVRB  Airport. 



Pure Flying


*Price does not include Examiner fees, and Written test fees.



Aspen 1000 PFD equipped:  Piper Cherokee.

KVRB, Our Home Airport

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