Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.

Teacher training available: Located in Sunny Florida Treasure Coast--next to the ocean.

                   Become a Certified Flight Instructor: CFIA or CFII or MEI.  


Experienced Airline Training Captains and Master Educators will help guide you to become a Professional Instructor-Pilot.

                                           Start Your Career today.

Customize your personal schedule and training pace.

Our Teachers provide the best mix of mentoring, coaching and teaching. 

We provide the personal attention to guide you to a successful outcome.

No waiting, No delays, Fly as much as you like with our flexible atmosphere.

And--No contracts, No uniforms, No big down deposits; Pay as you go, after each flight. 

          Gain Experience and Confidence as a Pilot-Instructor. 

                       Our successful graduates work for major corporations.


                       Call today for an appointment and free consultation. 

Course:   Initial CFIA Certificate = Approximately = $ 3,900.

15 hours -- dual instruction..

5 hours -- solo practice.

20 hours -- briefing and de-briefing time.

1- Formal Ground School - Comprehensive Course. Optional--(70-hours) of class room lectures. ($1500.)

Course: CFII Rating = Approximately = $ 3,300.

12 hours--dual instruction.

5 hours -- Simulator (dual)

15 hours -- briefing and debriefing time. 

Price does not include Examiners fee, nor written exam.