Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.


Wait  Times:  Be ADVISED.

All aspiring future Pilots,  be advised that there is a delay of up-to

2 --weeks to get you a clearance before you can begin your flight training.

In other words,  you will  wait in your hotel/dormitory/apartment until

the TSA and FBI give you a go status to start flight training or Sim training.  So, plan accordingly

for an extended stay in the US.  **You may start  Ground School anytime, though.


Currently, PPL  applicants are accomplishing their training requirements in a minimum of      7 to 8 weeks,  longer times are the norm,  because of TSA & FBI Clearance processes.

And the same is true for Instrument Rating students.                                                                             ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Foreign Student Pilot Candidates: Training available:               

Students who are not US Citizens must participate in the Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) if:
1. He/she is an alien; and
2. He/she is seeking flight training for U.S. airman certificate under 14 CFR. This rule applies to flight training that you could use toward a recreational, sport, or private pilot certificate; multiengine or instrument rating; or any initial U.S. airman certificate issued by FAA.

To enroll  and submit your application information via email, go to:


AFSP  help desk  is: 1-571-227-1004

Questions can be directed to:    AFSP.help@dhs.gov

Remember,  your category of flight training will be  CAT  3  Primary training

and will be training in a Pa-28  Piper cruiser. 

You must pay an application fee.  


Florida  Pilot Center  can have you finger printed at the local police station. There is a local fee of $ 10. to fingerprint you which must be paid to the local police district. 

Please bring with you at the time of the finger printing:

1. "Payment Received: Fingerprint Instructions"  e-mail copy.

2. Two forms of identification. One must be your passport.

3. The Fingerprint control form that you printed at the time you enrolled.

After the finger printing,  all documents will be mailed to  FBI  for approval.  So please bring a large envelope to send off all documents. Results from the fingerprinting from the FBI can take an additional 7-- days before they respond.  So be patient and start this paper work process early.  And remember, if you do not pay them their fee,  they will not start the process.

Florida Pilot Center I, Inc. is a TSA Approved Flight Training Facility. 


Read the above information carefully....again!



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