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Gold Seal -- Flight Instructor.

What is a gold seal instructor?

Chief Pilot Gerry Strazzeri has been endorsed by the FAA as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor.  What does this mean?

The FAA issues the coveted Gold Seal Flight Instructor certificates only to those instructors who give a lot of flight instruction and whose students successfully pass check-rides.

This means you can have a high degree of confidence that the training you are paying for is up to date, accurate, and efficient. Inefficient training is expensive. Having to retake a flight test can cost hundreds of dollars more. You have the right to expect to be given good training and to pass your flight test first time. A Gold Seal CFI certificate is the seal of approval the FAA gives to exceptional instructors.

For more details here's what FAA Advisory Circular AC61-65D says:
Flight instructor certificates bearing distinctive gold seals are issued to flight instructors who have maintained a high level of flight training activity and who meet special criteria. Once issued, a gold seal flight instructor certificate will be reissued each time the instructor's certificate is renewed. Applicants for gold seal flight instructor certificates must meet the following requirements:
a. The flight instructor must hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating (glider flight instructors need not hold an instrument rating) or an ATP certificate;
b. The flight instructor must hold a ground instructor certificate with an advanced or instrument ground instructor rating; and
c. The flight instructor must have accomplished the following within the previous 24 months:
   (1) Trained and recommended at least 10 applicants for a practical test, at least 8 of whom passed their tests on the first attempt;
   (2) Conducted at least 20 practical tests as a designated pilot examiner, or graduation tests as chief instructor of a 14 CFR part 141 approved pilot school course; or
   (3) A combination of the above requirements. (Two practical tests conducted equal the credit given for one applicant trained and recommended for a practical test.)