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Ace Your Aviation Written test.

Private Pilot and Sport Pilot Ground School.

New Classes begin the 15th of Each Month.  Option 1.) Course is 4 weeks--Monday thru Friday, 6:00pm till 8:30pm.    


Instrument and Commercial Pilot Ground School.

Classes begin the 1st of Each Month. Course is 4 weeks, too.

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Includes:  a Pilot  Handbook and the Written test prep to take the test.  Government approved

FAA compliant curriculum. 30 hours of comprehensive Theory;  Guidelines for safe flying;

and a Graduation Certificate.  Easy way to Pass your FAA written test. 


--5% discount to EAA members

--5% discount to  Teenagers


 *Taught by only the most experienced (cherry picked) Educators.

PRIVATE TUTORING  is available on request.


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Call today to Enroll.  772-571-7851

  Includes a free Pilot Knowledge Written Handbook,

and Graduation Certificate and 

Teachers Certified Endorsement for written Exam.






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