Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.

Bill successfully completed his Flight Review

in a PA32-300.  Spring 2020.

Andrew  Tooindranauth - 24yo-- Air-force Security Forces Defender.

Earned and Passed his Private Pilot Certificate check flight exam, January 2020 in Vero beach,  FL.

Ted  Elliot: retired 85y.o.  accomplishes his Flight Review in a PA -28 in February 2020.

Frank Webster - 77y.o.  and his 1st Solo Flight, January 2020- in his Jabiru J250 SP

Dan Clifton earned his Private Pilot Certificate this summer of 2018...in the schools Piper Cherokee.

Jodi completed his PPL certificate at 17yo

Aug 1st, 2018.


New Private Pilot Certificate, 2018.

And tailwheel endorsed.

Trist completed his VFR  Finish Up program in 2 weeks.

Captain  David flew in from Washington, DC in his beautiful tail-wheel RV-4 to finish up his IFR  rating,  January 2018.

Dominique: Newly Minted Instrument Pilot.  23y.o.   2017

A local, Happy Family enjoying an introduction aviation experience.

Satisfied  Customers !                                                                    Laurie:  Private Pilot Cirrus Pilot.

James:              Passed his Commercial and Instrument rating: then his  initial CFIA with us at FPC, Inc.

Brent:  Recieved his  Private Pilot Certificate and Multi-Engine Rating at FPC, Inc.  in KVRB, Florida.

 Alberto:  Earned his Commercial and Instrument Rating.

David:  Piper Pilot,  Vero Beach Florida.

Milton:  Earned his Private Pilot Certificate. 



Derek:  earned his Private Pilot certificate at KVRB, Florida.


Steven: Received his Private License at KVRB.


Frank:  1st  Solo


New LSA owner Pilot:  Christopher flying his new Remos.

Piper Cherokee 180

Alan  Barron:  Private Pilot certificate &  Instrument rating at FPC, Inc.

Trish:  a new Commercial Single engine add-on Pilot, and a freshly minted CFIA certificate.

Don &  Carol:  Piper Tomahawk Pilots,  flying their Cessna bought airplane.

New- Private Pilot:  Frank Noppel completed his flight training and passed his check flight exam at our school.


Paul  King and Laurie enjoying a local flight experience in the treasure coast FL. area today.

Dan & Christine Woods:  Aviation enthusiasts and support family.

Father and son enjoy a team flight together in the Piper Cherokee: Pa-28.

Come fly with us at FPC and experience the freedom of flight.

KVRB, Our Home Airport

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