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Frank Webster - 77y.o.  and his 1st Solo Flight, January 2020-And Passed Flight test July 2020 as an LSA certified Pilot in his Jabiru J250 SP.

Bill successfully completed his Flight Review

in a PA32-300.  Spring 2020.

Andrew  Tooindranauth - 24yo-- Air-force Security Forces Defender.

Earned and Passed his Private Pilot Certificate check flight exam, January 2020 in Vero beach,  FL.

Dan Clifton earned his Private Pilot Certificate this summer of 2018...in the schools Piper Cherokee.

Satisfied  Customers !                                                                    Laurie:  Private Pilot Cirrus Pilot.

Milton:  Earned his Private Pilot Certificate. 



Steven: Received his Private License at KVRB.


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