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IFR  or  VFR :  Finish up programs available.
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Piper, Cessna, Mooney or Beechcraft.

Finish up your Pilot training 
        in  approximately 12 days.      

Frank Basadre:  Finish his Annual Flight Review, May 2021 in B60.

Congrats to 

Aloua , he finished his IFR simulator Proficiency and Theory training with us and Passed his Instrument check ride, first time.


Stop Dreaming and Start flying NOW as a Pilot

This program was designed for pilots who are frustrated with their progress and want to finish their license now!

The teachers for this special course have at least 12,000 hours of teaching.  In addition, they have specialized in teaching accelerated courses for pilots for 7 years.

With their special skills, they can make you a pilot in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how faralong you currently are with your training.


 You will learn everything you need to know to become a pilot.  You may tell your family this is a ?vacation?, but it will be an intense flying ?bootcamp.? Every day you are here you will eat, sleep and study flying.

When you are finished you will have all the skills you need to fly, and make safe aeronautical decisions.

We get the job done with a 95% Proven pass rate for Pilot completion.

When you finish, you will have accomplished something only 0.3% of the population has ever achieved: you will be a PILOT!

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