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                                            Private Pilot Certificate:



FAA requires a minimum of 40 hr of flight time.  The  average time to complete is  4  to 8 weeks. 

--Student Pilots must buy the necessary  FAA  books  and complete  the written test.

--Estimated cost of course is $ 9,500.  Price may vary depending on various skill -- learning levels.  Private tutoring is available.


FAA  requirements are:  40 hr total,  of which,  10 hr of solo-as sole occupant,  5 hr of solo cross-country, at least 20 hr of dual,  including  3 hr of night dual,  3 hr of instrument dual,  3 hr of dual cross-country,  3 hr of dual flight prep and an endorsement from the CFI to take the flight test. 


And become the Captain of your future travel plans.