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Class Course:  CFIA - Certified Spin Endorsement.

Take Spin recognition and recovery training in the Piper Cherokee cruiser and receive your FAA required spin endorsement.  This mandatory requirement by the FAA is a one time flight and one time logbook entry that qualifies you to take the CFIA practical test.  

Total cost $330 with credit card or $299. with cash or check. Includes aircraft, a 1.2 hour Flight, with Instructor,  and 45mn  briefing time and a logbook Endorsement.

Friendly, helpful, caring, experienced teachers are ready to show you how to master this unusual attitude recovery procedure while feeling confident and comfortable.

Training slots are booked on a first come, first served basis. This endorsement is open to a limited number of customers.


Spin Approved Piper:  PA-28.   Utility Category.

 Flight Instructors:  Spin what you are going to teach In.





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