Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.


 Our Expert,  FAA - Certified and friendly  Teachers                                    are willing and ready to help you, anytime.   We have  3  decades of Safe and Successful Pilot - Graduates flying competently throughout the world. 


Teachers include:

 Gerry Strazzeri --  ATP, Gold Seal CFIA, CFII, MEI. Former Airline Captain & Training Officer.  Airline Crew Training Specialist, Professional Course Speed Programs.  CFIA Training Specialist.  Flight School owner.

Sean  Alvares -- ATP, MEI, CFII:  Flight Checker Specialist.  Heavy Airline Pilot for Majors.        

Ellsworth Mattot -- Master Educator, 25 years teaching, hi-success rate and pass rate. Gold Seal CFIA, CFII, ATP.  Master Ground Theory Teacher.

Graham  Pritchard -- Former Air Force Guard Flight Instructor,  CFII, CFIA. MEI,  And C-130 Captain. Multi-Engine Instructor Specialist.

Dennis Capavella — Former  FAA Inspector and CFIA.  40 yrs experience.  Specialty:  Ground School written test preparation. All written tests.   


Hi-Performance checkouts, Complex checkouts, Tailwheel endorsements,   Hi-Altitude training and endorsements;  are all available.  Multi-engine training available in your airplane.

We teach in and have  years of experience with Piper, Cirrus, Bonanza, Mooney and Cessna aircraft. 






Piper PA-28 Cherokee



KVRB, Our Home Airport

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