Welcome to Florida Pilot Center,  where learning is fun and adventurous.

Aloua is now an FAA certified Instrument rated Pilot.
Sept 2020.

Jodi  Mc Ivor

17yo successful Pilot.

Aug 1st. 2018

Dan  Clifton:  New  PPL Certificate.  07-11-2018

Mr.  Brooks: Gerry has provided me with everything I needed to get my license asap.  We flew to many great locales and dinned at some fine restaurants all over Florida.

Plus I learned many good tips and secrets on how to  fly on long cross country trips through stormy

summer Florida weather.  His staff catered to my schedule and he stays open 7 days a week.  Aircraft rentals are a simply pleasure:  just show up and fly away;  no hassles and no problems.  Just friendly

customer service.  I would recommend this school to young,  old, local or foreign and especially to Professional student Pilots aspiring to fly for hire commercially.  Because Gerry has years of experience and secret tips to offer.  His school is a 4 leaf clover.


Curt's story

I had been a student pilot for well over a year when I received a flyer from Florida Pilot Center that said “if you haven’t gotten your license yet, give us a call."

Well, that’s exactly what I did.  After almost 2 years of aircraft ownership and about 10 different instructors, I gave Florida Pilot’s Center a call, and spoke with Gerry, the owner.  Gerry treated me great, and since I have a full time job, and could only fly weekends, he was very accommodating, and made himself available at my schedule.  We practiced all the required maneuvers time and time again, and did some really nice cross country flights, using VOR navigation.

None of this was easy, and it still took me 7 months to finish up, mainly because I wasn’t able to get there [often] sometimes only twice a month.  Nevertheless, the progress I made was satisfactory, and Gerry instinctively knew when I was ready to take my checkride. The weekend before I took my test, he really put me through the wringer.

I became a pilot on February 8 this year, passing my checkride and oral exam on the first try.  Another student of his, named Brett, whom I befriended during my time in
Vero Beach, passed his on his first attempt, too, about a week before me. Florida Pilot Center now has a Tomahawk, a Cirrus 20 and a brand new flight simulator.

If you want to take a discovery flight,  to see if flying is for you, ask Gerry to take you up in the Cirrus.  If that doesn’t hook you, nothing will. I would recommend Florida Pilot Center to anyone who wants to experience aviation.  Not only will you have a great time learning, you will become good and you will make friends for life

URS Federal Technical Services
Kennedy Space Center, Fl., 32815

George's Story

I met Gerry at an airshow and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and passion of the aviation world. And when I heard that he recently acquired a Cirrus SR20 for his flight school, I knew that he was someone I wanted to train with. I was a CFI, working for another flight school, however I needed to get my CFII and wanted to do it in an aircraft that was a little more advanced than the aircraft that I was currently working with. Over the few months that I was working on my training and getting checked out in the Cirrus, I was very pleased in seeing how well taken care of and maintained the aircraft and facilities were. I had a chance to meet the other instructors and other students, and there is definitely a sense of community, happiness, and pride at the Florida Pilot Center. Needless to say, I passed my check ride, and could not have been happier.

George , CFII

Daniel's story

“Gerry is a terrific Instructor. He is a very knowledgeable but very patient and understanding man who doesn't make his students feel uncomfortable. Gerry makes flying real fun. I remember one time as a student learning cross wind landings when I flared too soon and dropped the airplane hard onto the runway. I asked how far above the runway we were. He smiled and calmly said "oh about 10 feet."

I am a happily licensed sport pilot now and had no trouble passing my practical and written exams thanks to Gerry's excellent flight instruction.

I recommend Gerry to anyone who wishes to fly. Gerry will make it a relaxed, very fun adventure!”

Daniel S. Dennison, MD

Sue:  FAA Certified  LSA  Pilot.